RoadHog About Us
Built for even the most extreme touring conditions, RoadHog Pro Touring Cables, an Act Audio brand, continues to be recognized by audio techs and production managers for some of the world’s top artists. As the cable of choice for each of these longtime industry professionals, RoadHog cables custom fit each of their staging needs.
All RoadHog cables are designed to work perfectly no matter how often they are put to use, employing the most rugged constructions without sacrificing sound quality. RoadHog cables used by our artists are Road Ready and Tour Tough with flexible jackets that ensure they not only lay flat on stage, but also roll up easily without causing bends. These same RoadHog Cables used by our artist are the same cables you can find on your RoadHog Cable dealers walls.
RoadHog Touring cables are uniquely designed for touring professionals. Engineered “Road Ready and Tour Tough,” RoadHog cables utilize the most rugged construction for those who don’t have the time to be neat and careful with their gear, while always providing the highest quality sound.